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WEIGHT – 12st 9lbs (81.9kg) WEIGHT – 10st 2lbs (64.7kg)
WAIST - 34 WAIST - 28
BODY FAT – 33.6% BODY FAT – 28.5%

I've been training with James now for just under 16 weeks and in that time I've lost 2 ½ stone and dropped from a size 16 to a 10 and I feel fantastic. I've got so much self confidence and I've never felt better.

Prior to training with James I tried losing weight through various fad diets and half hearted gym sessions without any real success. As most women will testify, losing weight through quick fix diets isn't just difficult but is impossible to maintain.

Now with the help of James and his team, I feel motivated to stay in shape and carry on with the one to one sessions on a regular basis. For me as an individual, personal training is the only way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A big thank you to JD Personal Training!

WEIGHT – 13st 3lbs (84.4kg) WEIGHT – 11st 5lbs (73.0kg)
WAIST - 34 WAIST - 30
BODY FAT – 19% BODY FAT – 11%

James started training me in October 2008.

I needed to get back in shape to climb Mt Kilimanjaro after a few years on the sauce for a living as a showbiz reporter at The Sun.

When we started off I could barely manage 15 minutes continuous running without struggling. Now we're boxing, skipping, on the weights, running and rattling out circuits like I'd never let my fitness slip in the first place.

James forces an extra 25 percent out of me that I'd never give in a session working on my own.

For that reason he's an essential part of my job - keeping my mind clear for the gruelling graft of a showbiz editor.

I'd recommend him to anyone looking to get back in shape - however fit or unfit. It can be done.

Gordon Smart
– The Sun’s Showbiz Editor

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© Gordon Smart
WEIGHT – 12st 3lbs (78.1kg) WEIGHT – 9st 2lbs (58.4kg)
BODY FAT – 31% BODY FAT – 24%

Gaining 3 stone during pregnancy affected my confidence as I was used to being a size 10 and not a size 14. However, working out regularly with James and following the diet plan he gave me helped me to get fit, look slim, and most importantly have confidence in myself again.

It was great being able to exercise outdoors rather than just on the same old machines in the gym and the wide variety of different exercises James introduced into our sessions meant that there was no chance of getting bored. Every session was hard work but good fun at the same time and this definitely helped me stick at it.

I recommend JD Personal Training to anyone who needs help with their body. After having my second child the training got me back down to a size 10 and now I am definitely a yummy mummy!


BICEPS - Check. Abdominals - Check. Leg muscles - Check.


After ten years, sitting on my backside, watching the television for The Sun, a minor miracle has occurred. I'm fit again.

And it was all thanks to James Daly. A charming but tough task master who I didn't always thank, while I was flat on my back, doing "just 10 more press ups" and sweating for Scotland.

But the results were undeniable. For the first time since I picked up a TV remote control, back in 1999, I was back in shape, enjoying exercise and feeling brilliant.

Many thanks, James. But, please, don't wear the England football top next time. There’s only so much punishment I can take...

Ally Ross
– The Sun's TV Critic

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Ally Ross - © News Group Newspapers Ltd

"You see, I haven't been to a gym since 1988, when, as a key member of the Manchester All Stars Youth team (American Football) I was told to go work on my strength conditioning…some things never change!"

As the triathlon gets closer and closer training is getting tougher! Today was no exception. James Daly (No relation to Tess!) our trainer really put me through my paces as he did on Monday with Gordon (Smarty) from The Sun, who is also taking part. I assume James had a bad weekend and decided to take it out on us!

James (our PT) and I are now getting into a rhythm in the gym. Ok I admit that work travels are getting in the way of regular sessions but I feel I'm coming on strong with the stuff we are doing. This pot belly is doing my head in, we are doing lots and lots of core training as the three disciplines in the triathlon require you to have a good strong core.

So how do we achieve the perfect abs...? Simple - Exercise and a good diet. James is insistent that the right exercises and a good healthy intake of the right foods will almost guarantee the perfect physique

It's getting more and more obvious to us all that the prospect of this Olympic Triathlon is now becoming a reality. It's all well and good calling up a couple of pals and asking if they fancy it but to actually get on with it and train HARD for it is not that easy. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving working with James our personal trainer. The results are fantastic.

James our personal trainer has really stepped it up a gear with shuttle runs and increasingly difficult circuits. "Let's move outside onto the kerb and do 50 little jumps on and off".....Sounds pretty easy? You try it!!!!!! I never thought that something I found so easy as a kid would be such a nightmare in my 30's...

Every morning I worked out and after having all the right techniques drilled into me by James the results have been fantastic. It goes to show that if you use the right technique when exercising it don't matter what you use to achieve great results. I think Smarty and I are lucky to have a total BEAST of an instructor looking after us.

After getting kicked in the face and getting sick in his wetsuit bag Vernon smashed his three-hour target by 11 minutes and completed the London Triathlon 2010 in 2hrs 45mins!

"if anyone is thinking of doing a triathlon, go for it! I am definitely going to do it again!"

Vernon Kay
Vernon Kay - TV presenter Donna © Gordon Smart - The Sun's Showbiz Editor Jayne Ally Ross - The Sun's TV Critic
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