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I started with three straightforward / simple objectives - increase fitness levels, increase muscle strength and improve tone. It would be simplifying the value James has provided and the benefit realised if all I said was 'all three had been achieved'.

The real enjoyment (strangely for someone fundamentally lazy) has come from the increasing challenge(s) set by James as the variety, intensity and difficulty of the exercises have evolved to push me further each week. Allied to this, I have realised valuable secondary benefits (which I had never actively sought) in terms of increased energy levels and a greatly reduced reliance on inhalers. I can't recommend James highly enough.

Don't expect an easy time though just because he also happens to be a nice bloke...!


I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help James. I know I haven't always been the easiest person to train (or the fittest!) but all your input is greatly appreciated. You've made me feel better in myself and I can't tell you what that means to me.

Thank you,


I started training with James two years ago following a shoulder operation 10 months previously. My ski holiday was four months away and I was generally stiff and unfit as well as not having full movement in my shoulder. James guided and encouraged me to work intensely on my shoulder through a mixture of stretching and gentle weights to increase the general strength in my upper body.

From being totally unfit to ski, I went on my ski holiday full of confidence in my fitness, and completely ready and able to ski every day. Since then I have continued to work with James as he helps me to keep the discipline necessary to maintain the new level of fitness and improved body shape that I now enjoy, which has also had a positive effect on my overall self-esteem.

For me to actually stick to a training regime for 2 years is a real credit to him. I am somebody who dislikes going to a big gym with a lot of people, and have found the ‘one to one' coaching with James to be the right alternative for me.

As a coach James is a great motivator and keeps the sessions fresh and productive through a combination of varied exercises and a commitment to ensuring I achieve my goals. He is also very friendly, likable, and easy going.


JD Personal Training is not the first time I have tried a personal trainer but James is certainly the most friendly and persuasive.

Seeking to achieve a higher level of fitness and endurance to tackle charity cycling challenges I found James met this target with a varied but tough and progressive program that got me comfortably from London to Paris (twice) with energy to spare. Each session involved carefully controlled effort, sweat and sometimes laughter; all took me further than I could have gone alone.

I also lost 5kg and dropped a dress size; a very welcome side effect. My confidence is high, my mood buoyant and I intend to maintain this enhanced level of fitness and general well-being with James' assistance and would recommend everyone do the same.


I've been training with James now for a couple of years and have seen great results. We started off by setting some quickly achievable goals that allowed me to get some quick progression. This really helped keep my motivation sky high.

James is not just good, but is a Great Personal Trainer! Motivating and Challenging in equal measure. I get great advice on general health and he always has a new goal for me approach to ensure that I over deliver. He also keeps our sessions varied and interesting meaning time just flies.

It's a team effort and I continue to see real results!!


My daughter Ellie has been doing some 1-2-1 ballet work with Nazlee now for about 3 months and she absolutely adores her. I wanted to get Ellie into ballet locally but didn't know who would be the best person to choose. I needed to find someone who was qualified, who I could trust and who my daughter was comfortable with.

Naz is like a big kid herself (I mean that in a nice way Naz!) and she is so passionate when teaching. My daughter looks forward to every single session and has made incredible progress in such a short space of time.

Ellie has now passed her first exam. Naz really has worked wonders with her and she is a credit to her profession.


A big thank you to Naz from me and hubby for all of your hard work over the past year! You have helped me so much and I can't tell you how grateful I am.

I had 4 months to get in shape for my wedding day and without Naz I would have had no chance. My bingo wings are gone and bum is half its size. On a serious note I am so much happier with my body now and my confidence level is much higher.

Naz made exercise fun with her bubbly personality and variety of training. We did ballet, salsa, dance, aerobics and I enjoyed every second of it. She even gave me and my hubby some dancing lessons for our wedding dance.

Since my wedding I have kept the training going and I have no intention of stopping. It is now an integral part of my life.

You're a star Naz!


I decided to recruit the services of Nazlee after a friend told me how effective her training was. I am a full time mother and have 2 little ones to run around after! I wanted to commit to some regular training but I was struggling to make it down to the gym and just couldn't find the motivation to go out running on my own.

Nazlee has been an absolute god send. She has worked with me to ensure that I fit my 3 sessions in each week and has never let me down once. Although I have only been training with Naz for just 4 weeks I have already felt the benefits of having her as my personal trainer.

In the last 3 weeks I have dropped down from a size 14 to a size 12 and my body is visibly leaner. I am confident that we can keep getting results and I recommend her to anyone who is looking to make progress in any shape or form.


I love training with Ron, he has given me hope that I can get my fitness levels and shape back to what I had before my pregnancy.

I now feel much happier and healthier in general. We currently work together once a week and its hard work, which is exactly what I wanted. The sessions are interesting with a good mix of CV and resistance work.

Ron strikes a good balance between being professional and friendly and although we work hard we also have fun. After only 3 sessions I noticed a change not only in my fitness levels and shape but also in my attitude to fitness and life in general which has increased my confidence and given me the motivation to try new activities such as swimming and yoga in order to have a varied and interesting weekly fitness schedule.

Overall working with Ron has exceeded my expectations and after a bad year having suffered a serious bereavement I feel like my life is now getting back on track.

Thanks a million Ron!


I have recently been recommended to Ron for personal training as there are a few aspects of my life I need to change. I look to Ron for new found inspiration and so far after just 2 weeks he has given it to me.

I really have been struggling with pains in both my calf muscles and due to this my exercise programme has come to a severe stand still. Training with Ron has been very enjoyable and has made me realise exercise can be a lot more fun than people think.

My goals I would like to achieve are to simply change my body shape and lose my muffin top around the stomach area, Ron has explained to me the importance of having the right balance between good healthy eating and exercise.

I am learning new things week by week and am definitely looking to stay with Ron for a long time as I know he will really help me get where I want to be.


Ron has now been training me for nearly 10 months and I still look forward to every session we have.

Before training with Ron I used to go to the gym and do the same thing over and over again. I never realised that outdoor training could be so much fun and so productive. Since Ron has been my personal trainer I have lost over 2 stone in weight and my fitness level has gone through the roof.

My main goal is weight loss but thanks to Ron I now realise that it is not all about losing weight but more importantly it's about changing my body shape, feeling better about myself and being healthy. I wanted to try and lose 2 stone and I am now very close to achieving my goal – which I never thought would be possible!

I would certainly say Ron's level of knowledge is very high and due to his own personal experience of losing weight I would go to him for any form of advice. I am continuing to train with Ron now to reach my ideal body shape and weight loss goal.

I am confident that with Ron by my side I can now push on to achieve a lot more.


After a small break from training I decided it would be a good idea to recruit the services of a personal trainer to help me prepare for my third marathon.

I have now been training with Julie for six months and have been really impressed with her extensive knowledge, her creativity and her motivation.

As a trainer, Julie has the ability to evaluate your fitness, evaluate your weaknesses and listen to what you are looking to achieve and then design the sessions to suit. Julie has adapted sessions to focus on different areas, in particular a session which worked on exercises to strengthen and build muscle to help prevent the reoccurrence of an old injury.

The sessions are tough and challenging but really enjoyable. I look forward to each session as Julie brings humour and fun to each one. Julie is a very nice person and shows a passion for her work.

Without a doubt after each session I feel energised and encouraged.

I would certainly recommend Julie as a personal trainer.


We are very pleased to provide a reference for Ms Julie Sutton who has been our personal trainer for over a year, and before that our fitness instructor in aerobic and circuit training classes.

Julie has been excellent at designing individual work programmes for each session. Her greatest strength is her ability to asses our individual needs every lesson and to adapt the training accordingly. We were amazed at her biological knowledge and her comprehensive understanding of an enormous variety of gym equipment.

During August (very hot and humid) Julie was happy to devise aqua aerobic lessons in our swimming pool which were stimulating and fun and of an amazingly high standard.

We have been most impressed by Julie's work attitude. She is always punctual and fully prepared and has a cheerful but firm way of conducting her sessions. She has a charming and friendly personality and makes the workouts interesting, stimulating and fun whilst maintaining firm control at all times.


Julie Sutton is an excellent trainer who is very knowledgeable and committed. Julie is known to me since 31st January 2009 where she has been training me twice weekly.

I was an unfit, overweight nurse aged 54 years and a reluctant gym attendee.

I decided on a personal trainer to kick start a weight loss and fitness programme and to improve my core stability which was very poor. Training was hard at first but with Julies patience, enthusiasm and encouragement I found the sessions invaluable. I actually enjoyed the sessions which surprised me as my fitness level was so bad to start with.

Julie always demonstrated exercises, corrects and improves my exercise technique. We often laugh as she appears to know exactly what I can achieve and pitches me at the right level to progress and feel encouraged about my results and at the end of sessions praises my effort and achievements which encourages me to progress further.

With Julie's dedication and commitment and my effort I have achieved my objective of losing two and a half stone in weight, many inches over my whole body and becoming healthy and fit.

Her style of personal training has motivated me to train three times a week, to be generally more active in my everyday life, walking and cycling and I have now achieved a level of fitness I never thought possible. Julie is a fantastic personal trainer and I would recommend Julie without hesitation to anyone, regardless of their fitness goal.


Where shall I start…I was an overweight, middle-aged and totally out of shape man who was desperately in need of some help! One day I received a card through my door about personal training and thought I'd give it a shot.

From the very first day James showed up at my front door I knew he was the guy who would get my arse in gear! After just a few sessions with him I felt muscles in my body that I didn't know existed!

Since training with James I have now lost over 3 stone in weight and not only transformed my body but completely transformed my lifestyle. I never thought that exercise would become such an important part of my life but I can honestly say that I can't imagine what my life would be like without exercise!

James has a no nonsense approach to training but he also knows how to motivate me and keep me wanting more. I have never met someone with so much passion and enthusiasm.

If you're serious about getting in shape then give this man a call!


After having my second child I was desperate to get my body back into shape. A friend of mine recommended JD Personal Training to me and within a few days I started training with a personal trainer called James Baker.

I had been a member of a gym for over 3 years so it took a bit of convincing to get me to train outside in the park. Since ditching the gym and getting outside I have pushed my body to a totally new level. James does boxing, running, skipping, weights and a whole load of other exercises with me that have helped me slim down and get back into shape.

Training outdoors was never something that I thought would appeal to me but now I am hooked on it! My body shape has completely changed (for the better!), my legs now feel toned and my stomach is much firmer and flatter than it ever was before.

I would like to say a big thank you to James as I could not have achieved this much without him there to push me that bit further each time.


Fit, strong and healthy – that is how I now feel. But believe me this wasn't the case when I first started training with James Baker!

After having my annual work health check I got a few unpleasant surprises. I was told that my blood pressure was extremely high and that to put it bluntly my body was carrying too much fat!

I enlisted the help of James Baker to help me with my nutrition and exercise. He sat down with me and put together a diet and exercise plan that was realistic but challenging. After just a few weeks of exercise I could really feel the difference in my health and I went from brisk walking round the block to a gentle jog.

6 months on and I am now taking part in my first 10k charity event! I have dropped over 2 stone, reduced my blood pressure without the need for medication and improved my self esteem.

Thanks a million James – oh and I promise that I won't stop at any point in my 10k!


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