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Are you looking to better your game? Improve your performance? Almost any activity, performed at any level will benefit from sports specific training. Regardless of your chosen sport or activity JD Personal Training will tailor a sports specific exercise programme for you.

During training sessions, there are a wide range of areas that you have the ability to improve - your core strength & stabilisation, flexibility, speed and explosive power, to name but a few. Different workouts will be appropriate for each, in different proportions.

Our sports specific training programmes will help you develop and enhance your ability to perform at a higher level in your chosen sport. Our team of personal trainers are currently working with amateur footballers and boxers through to England U18 rugby players and PGA golf professionals.

For example, if you're a keen golfer, then part of our focus would be on improving your flexibility, core strength and stabilisation as well as upper body and lower leg strength, as these are key attributes for golfers. Our rugby playing clients benefit from a programme focussed more towards explosive power, strength and stamina.

Whatever your sport, and regardless of the level you compete at, our expertise in training methods and nutrition combine to deliver a programme that will improve your performance.

Sports Specific
Sports Specific