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JD Personal Training is an established team of leading personal trainers who cater for people of all ages, all abilities with any health & fitness goal in mind. The team has combined experience of over 50 years in the health & fitness industry both nationally and internationally.

The concept was simple - to form a handpicked team of experienced and highly qualified personal trainers each with their own specific area of expertise that can achieve results in the quickest time possible with anyone, anywhere!

James Daly set out on a mission to seek out the very best personal trainers who not only have a great deal of experience and knowledge but also have a proven track record in achieving results. Having found the right team of trainers JD Personal Training was formed and the rest as they say is history...

The team deliver indoor and outdoor personal training throughout London & Surrey, with the emphasis on providing training at both a location and time that is convenient. JD Personal Training offers the latest and most up to date training concepts and equipment for use in varied environments such as your home, office, local park or a select number of gyms that the team have access to.

With training sessions available Mon-Sun as early as 5am and as late as 9pm -
a lack of time really is no excuse!

As well as long term clients who have been with us for a number of years, who have transformed their bodies and continue to make progress, we also have individuals who commit to train with us over a short period of time for a specific event. These include weddings, charity races and holidays to name just a few. There really is something for everyone!

"JD Personal training prides itself on its success and reputation. We are regarded by our clients as one of London & Surrey's leading personal training companies"

JD Personal Training
JD Personal Training